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Family support is provided for families who are experiencing challenges related to parenting and family stability.

Services include:

  • Assessment for family strengths and skill development
  • Intensive support to help preserve family bonds
  • Parent –teen mediation
  • Parent skill development
  • Parent groups to support healthy conflict resolution, teach child developmental stages, and teach positive parenting skills.
  • Family education to build healthy communication skills within the family unit and within the systems /agencies affecting the family (government, schools, medical community etc.)
  • Referral to other services and resources within SCRS and the community.
  • Support for the family in goal setting, planning, mapping and implementation.
  • Ongoing assessment of parenting skills, child safety and family needs.

The approach used is relational, focused on the family’s strengths. Family culture, environment and the systems affecting the family are recognized and respected. 

Methods used are:

  • Individual support and counseling.
  • Work with the family unit.
  • Team based with the formal and informal supports available to the individual and family.
  • Integrated case management includes the family and other service providers and agencies.
  • Group work for education and skill development.

Service provision can occur in office, in the family home, or in community.

The Family Support Program at SCRS is funded through the Ministry of Children and Family Development.

Community Action Plan for Children (CAPC)

Serving the communities of Salmo and Ymir, B.C.  We offer three programs weekly, all of which are free and available to all children 0-6 years of age and their caregivers. These are excellent opportunities for you to build friendships with other adults and children in your community, in a safe, warm and accepting environment. Also, these are wonderful opportunities for you and your children to bond as you explore our space, equipped with age appropriate games and toys, books and dress up clothes, craft materials and musical instruments. In addition, opportunities to attend various parent education workshops on topics of your interest are also provided on scheduled Thursdays. Some of our regular visits include time spent with community resources such as the Speech Pathologist and Dental Hygienist, Aboriginal Children’s Programming provided by COINS, as well as monthly visits from the Salmo Children’s Librarian and Salmo Public Health Nurse. A list of our programs and scheduled times is as follows:

Ymir Family Support Group 

Tuesdays 11:00-1:00 @ The Ymir Community Center

Join us for this two hour play group provided free for all children 0-6 yrs. and their caregivers. Some of the activities you may enjoy are story time and craft, healthy potlatch lunch, movement and song exercises. Enjoy our bi- weekly visits from the Salmo Children’s Librarian; an opportunity to sign out books from her mobile selection! 

Play with Me

Wednesdays 10-11:30 @ The Salmo Community Center Family Resource Room

Join us for this one and a half hour program provided free for all children 0-6 yrs. and their Care givers. This play group includes story, art activities, snack and songs. In the late spring summer there is also outdoor play, including visits to the Salmo swimming pool! The Salmo Public Health Nurse visits this program once monthly. 

Parenting Circle

Thursdays 10:00-11:30 @ The Salmo Community Center Family Resource Room

Have a break and come be part of our weekly parenting circle! Childminders are present to care for your children in the FRC play room while you take some time to yourself and join us in the multipurpose room for coffee and conversation! Also, be present for monthly parent education workshops that are of interest to you. Don’t miss our quarterly cooking sessions where there is much fun to be had by all! The Salmo Children’s Librarian visits this program once monthly. 

NOTE: Our programs close for Christmas, March Break and Summer. They follow the same vacation schedule as School District 8.

Support for Children Who Witness Abuse
Children and Youth Mental Health

Children and youth, ages three to 18 years of age, who:

•   have witnessed or experienced violence

•   are coping with major life changes or loss including parental separation and divorce

•   have experienced sexual abuse

•   suffer from suicidal behaviours, depression and/or   mild to moderate mental illness

•   display severe behaviour disorders (ADHAD, ODD, CD)

•   are suffering from effects of trauma and anxiety

are able to receive counselling and support from this program.  Families or youth can request service directly, and schools, daycares, social workers, police, advocates, mental health clinicians, Victim Assistance workers, transition house staff, parent educators and family support workers can also refer children and youth for service.

In an effort to help children and youth make sense of their experience and feel as safe as possible, we offer a variety of expressive therapies including art therapy, play therapy and sand tray therapy as well as mindfulness, psycho-educational, narrative and cognitive behavioural approaches. We often work closely with the parenting program to assist parents in most effectively supporting children through difficult times and through the healing process.  We offer individual counselling as well as group counselling, including at times, weekly groups at both schools in Salmo as a form of early intervention for children identified as potentially at-risk.


This program is funded by the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Children and Family Development.

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