Our Vision

  • To provide a facility that is fully accessible and suited to the needs of participants and staff.
  • To build on current programs, based on priorities established in consultation with the community and service network.
  • To work in partnership with the people and organizations of the Salmo area


Our Values

As an Agency, we provide service that, to the extent of our resources and abilities, is:

  • Responsive to the diverse needs of people in our community
  • Supportive of all people, regardless of their choices
  • Specific to the personal interests and circumstances of the participants
  • Connected to the community and to the service network.


Our Mission

Salmo Community Resource Society (SCRS) develops, delivers, and maintains a broad range of services that help individuals and families in the Salmo area deal effectively with personal, social, and poverty-related issues.

Why Was SCRS Created

The Salmo Community Resource Society was incorporated under the Society Act in British Columbia on November 4, 1988. Originally, it was intended to serve as an “umbrella organization” for a range of community activities including the coordination of recreational, cultural, and historical service. It evolved primarily into an organization offering social services and adjusted its constitution accordingly.


The Organization

Salmo Community Resource Society works with participants that include very young children, children and youth, families, and adults. There is a staff of eight who work out of 311 Railway Avenue. Some of our group activities for young children meet at the Salmo Valley Youth and Community Centre. Salmo Community Resource Society is a member of the Kootenay Boundary Community Services Co-operative

SCRS Team Members

Maureen joined the Salmo Community Service team in September of 1994 as the Family Support Worker, after completing the Social Service Worker Program at Selkirk College. After 18 years of working with families, she decided to make a career change and applied to the vacant Executive Director position. She was hired and has since served as team lead, working with a solid group of staff and volunteers. Maureen is committed to ensuring Salmo Community Services delivers a variety of programs that serve the ever increasing community needs.

Charlene is a long-time resident of Salmo and has over 25 years of secretarial experience.  At Salmo Community Services, Charlene is generally the first person to greet you, she is also the Volunteer Driver Coordinator and Safe Homes Coordinator.   Charlene is an avid volunteer in the Community and loves to laugh and make people smile.

Sabina graduated from the Kutenai Art Therapy Program in Nelson in 2006. She has always had a passion for working with children and youth, and has continued to grow her knowledge base in order to be the best support she can be for them. Sabina studied mindfulness practice with Dr. Ron Siegel, and participated in an in-depth training with Dr. Janina Fisher “Working with the Neurobiological Legacy of Early Trauma” as well as a weekend workshop with Dr. Bruce Perry’s Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics (NMT). She loves doing group as well as individual work with youth and their families, and often brings her small but feisty dog Arlo to the art therapy room.

Sabina immigrated to Canada from Germany in 1987, and has two adult children who grew up in the Nelson area. She lives on a small farm with horses and chickens, loves to garden and be out in nature. She is also a dancer and writer, and likes to use these resources in her healing approach as well.

Rainey has been a part of the team at Salmo Community Services since 2019. She is compassionate and caring and believes in a person’s innate capacity to heal…body, mind and soul. She carries a broad understanding of trauma and the numerous ways that it can affect us. It is her intention to remain curious and open as she supports others to navigate their healing journeys.

In her spare time, Rainey enjoys kayaking, camping, skiing and growing food. She loves the outdoors and has a deep connection with nature.

Kim Hartzell has been working for Salmo Community Services since 2012. She loves her job as the CAPC Coordinator, working with families in Salmo and Ymir. Kim thrives in this environment;  where children are at play, and community ties are being developed and maintained. Kim finds that the building of relationships between children, caregivers and herself to be one of the most rewarding elements to working with the people in her community. She aspires to remain a continual support to families for years to come.
 In her spare time Kim enjoys languages, art, music, math and being outdoors.

Diana joined our team through the Salmo RCMP Victim Services in 2016, and brings experience in crisis response, trauma informed practice, has interest in providing information and support to Salmo families during an emotional difficult and vulnerable time.

Mike is a Psychiatric Nurse and has been with the team since 2019.  He has worked Adult Mental Health and Addictions throughout his career providing services locally, the lower mainland and remote Northern Communities.  Mike enjoys accessing the bountiful outdoor experiences that the Kootenay’s provides.

Lorraine has been providing Family support to Salmo families for 10 years, the last 4 with Salmo Community Services. Her Human Service background includes ECCE, Supported Childcare, Respite care and Behaviour Intervention work. She is mom to two fantastic kids who have been her best teachers and toughest bosses to date.  Lorraine enjoys working and playing in the beautiful Salmo Valley, which she thinks is the prettiest place on earth.

Mary-Ann coordinates and develops programs, such as the Food Bank Garden, Harvest share and soup delivery.  Mary-Ann also works as a Paramedic, volunteers as a girls’ softball coach and volunteers as ski patrol.

Helen currently lives in Ymir and has 25+ years of Accounting and Administration background.  She is the Salmo Age Friendly Seniors Coordinator and helps out part time with Reception/Administration.  Helen is friendly, warm and has an infectious laugh.  She has a passion for canning and bottling and is often found on summer days near the Salmo River.

Brianna joined the SCRS team as a PEACE counsellor in 2019. She has a bachelor’s degree in Child and Youth Care and completed a two-year program studying Art Therapy at Kutenai Art Therapy Institute in Nelson. She grew up on Vancouver Island and moved to the Kootenays in 2017. She enjoys making art and exploring the Kootenays.

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