Our Vision

  • To provide a facility that is fully accessible and suited to the needs of participants and staff
  • To build on current programs, based on priorities established in consultation with the community and service network
  • To work in partnership with the people and organizations of the Salmo area

Our Values

As an Agency, we provide service that, to the extent of our resources and abilities, is:

  • Responsive to the diverse needs of people in our community
  • Supportive of all people, regardless of their choices
  • Specific to the personal interests and circumstances of the participants
  • Connected to the community and to the service network.

Our Mission

Salmo Community Resource Society (SCRS) develops, delivers, and maintains a broad range of services that help individuals and families in the Salmo area deal effectively with personal, social, and poverty-related issues.

Why Was SCRS Created?

The Salmo Community Resource Society was incorporated under the Society Act in British Columbia on November 4, 1988. Originally, it was intended to serve as an “umbrella organization” for a range of community activities including the coordination of recreational, cultural, and historical service. It evolved primarily into an organization offering social services and adjusted its constitution accordingly.

The Organization

Salmo Community Resource Society works with participants that include very young children, children and youth, families, and adults. There is a staff of eight who work out of 311 Railway Avenue. Some of our group activities for young children meet at the Salmo Valley Youth and Community Centre. Salmo Community Resource Society is a member of the Kootenay Boundary Community Services Co-operative

SCRS Team Members

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Maureen Berk, Executive Director


Maureen’s Bio Coming Soon

Charlene Bonderoff, Administrative Assistant


Charlene’s Bio coming soon

Theresa Dornan, Financial Assistant


Theresa’s Bio coming soon

Adult Mental Health Worker

Bio coming soon

Diana Gonzalez, Victim Services

Diana’s Bio coming soon

Gabriel Keczan, Family Support Worker


Gabriel’s Bio coming soon

Lorraine Kruezer, Family Support Worker


Lorraine’s Bio coming soon

Mary Ann Gould, Food Security Coordinator


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Theresa Swan, Women's Counsellor


Theresa has long been passionate about working with women in many different contexts. She has been working with women who have experienced abuse in a professional setting for 5 years, and joined the amazing team at Salmo Community Services three years ago. She loves this work and puts her heart into it. She has a BA in Psychology and a Master’s equivalent in Art Therapy. She wrote her thesis on working from a feminist perspective with women who have experienced abuse. She firmly believes that you can recover and live a life beyond your wildest dreams!

P.O. Box 39

Salmo, BC V0G 1Z0

Phone: 250.357.2277

Fax: 250.357.2385

Email: info@scrs.ca